25th Rum - Regatta Flensburg 2004

storm-lashed Gaff rigged sailing ship
Rumregatta - the 25th times! A quarter century ago the first regatta started with about 20 sailing ships. This time at least 140 ships took place. The last year approved theme caribbean was used again when the crews went through the town Flensburg in a parade.
Thunderstorm Willow Wren, Fulvia
Seen from my point of view this finitely was a regatta with wind, unfortunately to much wind for some of the ships. The weather changed from sunny to stormy with short hailstorms. On board of the "Weissenhaus" we often reciprocally confirmed: "It is still today and the same day!" The weather was enough for tree further days. And it was not easy for me to choose the photos for this website.
Rumregatta Traditional sailing ships
Thank you very much to the crew of the "Weissenhaus", you helped me a lot!
Crew Based in Königsburg/Schlei Mr. Olaf Kienke has managed his mobile service company for land and watercraft for some time. Since spring of 2004 he is engaged together with Jenny Kowalski to revive maritime traditions on the island Okseøer. Wishing the the best!
From small repairings to overhaul of the engine, if you need help just phone him!
F.-Voss-Ufer 10, 24159 Kiel, Tel.: 0171 - 70 42 94 1

By the way, do you know these sailing ships?

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