24th Rum - Regatta Flensburg 2003

Starting signal to the Rum - Regatta 2003 Platessa
As every year on the weekend after the Father's Day the Rum-Regatta took place in Flensburg, already the 24th time. This time we celebrated this event in Caribbean style: the port under palms, a Caribbean steel band, the crews dressed up as plantation owners, pirates, sailors or rum dealers, and havn't some of the captains brought their slaves ? Each detail reminded the origin of the run of European ships to the West Indies in the 18th and 19th century. The ships sailed to Africa, there slaves, gold or ivory was bought, brought to the West Indian Islands as medium of exchange for cane sugar, which was brought home to be refined to rum. Flensburg's history of shipping and navigation isn't conceivable withouth this run to the West Indians and the Virgin Islands St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. Jan.
Kleiner Kerl
On the water we had the same impressions as in the last years. The "Kaiserwetter" (blue sky, much sun) caused the best atmosphere among the crews. At the beginning a calm and the slow starting thermic led to a widespread field of more than 100 ships again. And on the headwind course some of the sailors were grabbed by the regatta fever.
Gaff rigged Maya, Landrath Küster and Anne - Marie Traditional sailing boat Freja and Bodil
The Rum - Regatta is presented in a special book now. Primarily photos, a lot of stories and anecdotes, of course the "rules", customs and annual event highlights, short all the details making the Rum - Regatta as well-known and popular as it is were collected by Rainer Prüß. More informationen...

Again thank you to the crew of the "Weissenhaus", you all did a great job.
Weissenhaus Based in Königsburg/Schlei Mr. Olaf Kienke has managed his mobile service company for land and watercraft for some time. From small repairings to overhaul of the engine, if you need help just phone him!
F.-Voss-Ufer 10, 24159 Kiel, Tel.: 0171 - 70 42 94 1

By the way, do you know these sailing ships?

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