Colne Smack & Barge Match Race, Brightlingsea, 09/02/2006

All the photos were taken during the Colne Smack & Barge Match Race in Brightlingsea on September 2, 2006. The start and finish of the boats can be easily watched from land what for sure unfortunately resulted in a series of very similar shots. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
Bawley Good Intent LO136 The East coast of England is the home of the Essex Smacks, former fishing boats to catch oysters. These cutter or ketch rigged boats can be characterized by their flat hull with a keel, the straight steep bow, an overhanging stern, low kerbs and low draught, a long bowsprit and a tiller. Todays owners of these boats appreciate the excellent sailing characteristics of the smacks and they sail them in a series of match races over the year.
My recommendation: the Website by Roger Walker with detailled information and many photos of smacks.
Smack Hannah Blanche CK 9 Essex Skillinger Smack Pioneer CK18 Smack Gracie CK46
Smack Our Boys CK92 Smack Iris Mary CK105 Smack Ellen CK222
Smack Mary CK252 Smack Primrose CK273 Smack Alberta CK318
Smack Sunbeam CK328 Smack Mayfly CK363 Smack Emeline F14
Bawley Saxonia LO32 Bawley Bona LO178 Smack William MN15
Smack Fly MN17 Smack Lizzie Annie MN23 Smack Mary Amelia MN59
Smack Marigold MN119
From the mouth of the English river Thames the so-called Thames Barges come, which were used as working boats to load and unload bigger ships and transport cargoes on the rivers and along the shore.
Thames Sailing Barge Wyvenhoe The big and flat-bottomed hull made of steel with sideboards, flat sides, slopping bow and stern and a relative large sailing area are characteristic. Swimmie, Stumpie or Sprittie how they are called are distinguished most by their rigging, with or without a bowsprit or with or without a topmast. Even since 1863 the Thames Barges were sailed in match races.
Thames Sailing Barge Betula Thames Sailing Barge Edme Thames Sailing Barge Gladys
Thames Sailing Barge Lady Daphne Thames Sailing Barge Marjorie Thames Sailing Barge Repertor
The Sailing Barge Association, is the holding organization of the Thames Barges. A lot of informationen about Thames Barges can be found in the encyclopedia by David Renouf with specification, photos and addresses of the still active sailing boats. Another recommendation is the website of the Thames Sailing Barge Trust, where a list of still active barges can be found.
Crew Thank you very much to Andrew, Martin and Frank, the crew on board of "Mirelle". It belonged to the most thrilling events during this weekend to meet ship friends from England, Australia, Belgium, Canada and Germany. The competence of the crew in sailing and the excellent sailing characteristics of "Mirelle" influenced by the tides and strong winds made this trip to a great experience.

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