2st Meeting of Medieval Sailing Ships in Wismar 2007

Hanseatic cog Ubena von Bremen Hanseatic cog Roland von Bremen Hanseatic cog Wissemara from Wismar Cog Hansekogge from Kiel
On August 3rd, 2007 just one week before the Hanse Sail Rostock, the 2nd meeting of medieval sailing ships in Wismar began. Hanseatic cogs from Bremen, Kiel and Wismar and other traditional sailing ships took part in this event. The organizers Hansekontor Wismar and the Förderverein Poeler Kogge, prepared some wonderful highlights, i.e. the "regatta" of cogs, a medieval market and music as well as a lot of fire from historic guns. On Wednesday the medieval sailing ships sailed in company to Rostock for participation in the Hanse Sail 2007. The finish of the medieval sailing ship meeting were magnificient pictures on the river Warnow when the ships arrived in Rostock.
Medieval sailing ships Meeting of medieval sailing ships

17th Hanse Sail Rostock 2007

The 17th time and as usual on the 2nd weekend in August the Hanse Sail in Rostock took place. The Sail in Rostock is espacially well-known because of fantastic pictures along the quays, at the river Warnow and the sailing area off Warnemünde. There is a big event at land as well taking place in the city habour, but the main attraction of this sail are the traditional sailing ships. Most of them sail with guest during the sail. Barkentine Concordia
Brig Mercedes Each year some sailing ships come and see Rostock that have never been here before. This year we welcomed the "Concordia" and the "Cuauhtémoc" as guests with the longest way to sail to Rostock. The first time the Polish fully-rigged ship "Dar Mlodziezy".
took part in the sail. Unfortunately the weather was very bad. Fog with visibility below 50m avoided taking good photos or sailing. What a pity! On the other hand some of the sailors had fun anyway. Sailing ships without radar remained at the river Warnow and the big Brig "Mercedes" surprised many spectators on the city habour when she passed there all sails up.
3-Mast-Schooner Linden Frigate Shtandart

Many thanks to the crew of the "Elbe I" for the passage from Wismar to Rostock. The former coast patrol boat of the police is an active museum ship today.

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