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Ucra, Volker Gries, Ueckermünde, Stettiner Haff , 08/2020

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Volker Gries,
Ueckermünde, Stettiner Haff,

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Registered port:Ueckermünde
Type of rigging:HANSEKOGGE
Year built:2001-2019
Yard:Ukranenland Historische Werkstätten e.V., Torgelow, GER
Overall length:25.00 m
Breadth:8.30 m
Draught:2.70 m
Sail area:240 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:245 PS
Engine:Volvo Penta

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Last update: 19 Jun 2021

  • project of the Ukranenland historische Werkstätten e.V. in Torgelow, GER; begin of her construction in 2001.
  • transported from Torgelow to Ueckermünde, GER on August 31, 2014, completed and fitted for sailing.
  • christened in October 2015 the "Ucra".
  • 2017 first sea trials at the Szczecin Lagoon, trials of the properties in different situations and conditions followed by further modifications of her propulsion, fitted with further safety equipment, achievement and proof of her seaworthiness.
  • commissioned in 2020 with guest sailing trips starting in her homeport Ueckermünde, GER.
  • owner is the city of Torgelow, operated by the association "UCRA - die Pommernkogge e.V." founded in 2019.

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Last tracked position of the ship Ucra


Website (deutsch, 19 Jun 2021):
Pommernkogge Ucra: news, basic specification and photos, how to sail on board, contact