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Den Ruyghenhil, Volker Gries, Rostock , 07/2021

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Volker Gries,

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Name:Den Ruyghenhil
Registered port:Greifswald
Type of ship:Klipperaak
Year built:1897
Overall length:15.17 m
Breadth:3.11 m
Draught:0.98 m
Sail area:81 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:105 PS

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Last update: 19 Mar 2022

  • built in 1897 in the Netherlands for the transport of goods in the waters around Rotterdam, mainly on inland waterways and rivers and in the mud flats in southern Holland.
  • later used as a motor tanker in Rotterdam/NL.
  • 1982 purchased by the German Katzenbach family in Willemstad/NL, re-conversion to a sailing ship and registration in Veere/NL.
  • 2003-2008 tour of Europe with stops in Paris, Lyon and Avignon in France, 2004 in the Mediterranean at Aigues Mortes and Le Grau du Roi, from 2008 return journey to Frankfurt am Main/GER.
  • from 2009 stay in Berlin/GER at the lake Wannsee.
  • 2014 relocation to Greifswald/GER, where it is located in the museum habour now.