Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Brødrene af Sand"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Brødrene af Sand
Registered port:Sand
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Type of ship:Ryfylke Jakt
Year built:1866
Yard:Dokkskar, NOR
Length:15.45 m
Breadth:5.00 m
Draught:1.95 m
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 12 Feb 2012

  • built 1866 in Dokkskar, Yrkjesfjorden, NOR by boatbuilder Lars Andersen and John Andersen Hapnes on order of Truls Nielsen; 1876 taken by Elling Trulsen Bru to be used for trading in the Baltic Sea.
  • used for coastal trading and as mail boat.
  • 1876-1881 Thomas Olsen Hodne from Rennesøy, NOR became skipper.
  • about 1892 sold to Jon Jonsen Hanasand, moved to Østhusvik, NOR since 1893.
  • 1896 general renewal of planks with change of the type from clinker building to carvel building.
  • 1905 bought by Sven Njelsen Eide, part owner was the brother Nils Njelsen Eide between 1909-11 and since 1917.
  • 1917 fitted with an engine (22 hp).
  • 1930-34 general overhaul.
  • until 1967 transport of post, wood, sand, ice; trading with salted fish for England, trips to the North up to the Lofoten islands and to the South down to Denmark and in the Baltic Sea.
  • 1962 taken by Bjarne Eide.
  • 1967 sold to Brendeland in Haugesund, 1969 to Tryggen Larsen from Nesodden, begin of the restoration.
  • 1995 foundation of a non-profit association "Brødrene af Sand" (The brothers of Sand) to maintain and operate the ship.
  • taken by the Ryfylkemuséet in Sand, NOR since 1997, restoration in a 2-years job in Nordheimsund (Hardang centre of crafts).
  • operated by the non-profit association, offered for sailing with guests in the region.


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Website (norsk, 05 Feb 2012):
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