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Lynx, Thad Koza (, San Diego , 09/2002

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Thad Koza (,
San Diego,

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Registered port:Portsmouth
Year built:2001
Yard:Rockport Marine, Rockport, Maine, USA
Overall length:37.18 m
Length (hull):23.77 m
Breadth:7.00 m
Draught:2.62 m
Sail area:450 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:290 PS
Engine:Hundested Diesel

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Last update: 20 Dec 2002

  • built at Rockport Marine after a design by Melbourne Smith, her keel was laid in October 1999, launched on July 28, 2001; she represents a medium-sized privateer Baltimore Clipper schooner, interpreting the American privateer "Lynx", initiator of the project was Woodson K. Woods, who assembled an experienced crew to support his vision to create this piece of living American history.
  • she is a scaled down Baltimore Clipper that was originally built for the War of 1812 at Fells Point, Maryland; the original "Lynx" was captured by the British in 1813 and served as a Royal Navy vessel under the name "Mosquidobit" until 1820.
  • following extensive sea trials in Maine waters, she cruised the Northeast Coast before sailing south to Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, spent the winter and spring of 2002 in the Caribbean, transited the Panama Canal and sailed north to California, Hawaii, British Columbia and the Northwest coast of the United States.
  • "Lynx" primarily is a sail training vessel providing ‘Cruizes of OpportunityÂ’ to youth, instilling the values of integrity and honesty through teamwork and seamanship.


Website (English, 16 Jul 2001):
Privateer Lynx: website of the ship with information about historical roots, photos, ship's specification, news, contact address, about the crew operating the ship and sailtraining offers

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