Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Hermine"

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Hermine, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2001 , 05/2001

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2001,

Hermine, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2003 , 05/2003

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2003,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Kappeln
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Type of ship:Elbkutter (Replik)
Year built:1978
Yard:Østergard/Hjarnø, DK
Overall length:15.50 m
Length (hull):11.75 m
Breadth:3.60 m
Draught:1.45 m
Sail area:70 m2
Power:45 PS
Engine:Hatz BMW

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 04 Apr 2007

  • built on order of a group of owners by the ship builder Oestergard in Hjarnoe on the end of the 1970s.
  • after some years one of theowners purchased the shares and saild "Hermine" alone until about 2002.
  • 2002 bought by Ullrich Voß, registered in Kappeln, GER.
  • in August 2003 purchased by Jan Binder, Kappeln.