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Weer en Wind, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2000 , 06/2000

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2000,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Weer en Wind
Ex-names:De Hoop
Registered port:Wassenaar
Type of rigging:TJALK
Type of ship:Skutsje Tjalk
Year built:1907
Yard:De Jong, Heeg, Friesland
Overall length:18.00 m
Length (hull):15.35 m
Breadth:3.40 m
Draught:0.50 m
Sail area:80 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel

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Last update: 17 Jul 2014

  • built in 1907 by De Jong in Heeg, NL for the client Broer de Vreeze from Balk, NL; first name "De Hoop".
  • second owner Oebele Visser from Idskenhuizen, NL.
  • third owner Appie (Albert) Hagewoud from Meppel, NL.
  • 1961 sold to Frans Eisenloeffel from Amsterdam, converted to a yacht for private use, renamed the "Weer en Wind".
  • 1983 sold to the family Herion, moved to Germany, later sold to the family Boyens from Hooge, GER; sold to Michael Zabel from Wischhafen, GER then.
  • since 2001 owned by Bert Fokkema from Wassenaar, NL; reconditioning of the boat.


Website (nederlands, 22 Mar 2014):
Weer en Wind: record for the ship in the register Stichting Stamboek Ronde en Platbodemjachten