Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Thyra"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Ex-names:Jan Pott, Walross III
Registered port:Gudhjem
Base port:Bornholm
Type of rigging:SLUP
Year built:1971-74
Yard:Nautor, Finland
Overall length:16.65 m
Breadth:4.30 m
Draught:2.60 m
Sail area:215 m2
Ship's hull:Kunststoff / Plastics
Power:75 PS

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 13 Dec 2022

  • the ship is owned and operated by the Akademischer Segler-Verein in Berlin, an organization founded in 1886 by and for the students of the universities from Berlin and Brandenburg, the aim of the operators: advancement of the classical sailing at the sea and the sailing of races. purchased in 1974 and renamed from "Jan Pott" to "Walross III".
  • successful at regattas, participation in several sailing events, like 1976 at the bicentennial celebrations of the US with crossing the Atlantic, 1981/82 Whitbread-round-the-World-Race, 1987/88 bicentennial celebrations of Australia, 1992 Columbus Regatta with crossing the Atlantic, in Sommer 2000 to Greenland, 1999/2000 and 2002/2003 further Atlantic crossings on journeys to the Caribbean and to North America.
  • grand overhaul of the ship in 1995.
  • about 2005 sold to the Netherlands, partly refitted, sold to Sailing Bornholm in 2018, renamed the "Thyra".
  • used for cruising the Baltic Sea along with ocean crossing and bluewater sailing around the globe, based on the island Bornholm/DK.


Website (English, 25 Dec 2022):
Thyra: operator of the ship with detailled history, specification, photos and offers for sailing, contact

Literature for further reading:

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