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Estelle, Volker Gries, Rostock , 06/2007

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Volker Gries,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Turku
Type of rigging:3-MAST-SCHONER
Year built:1922
Overall length:53.00 m
Length (hull):38.50 m
Breadth:7.08 m
Draught:3.00 m
Sail area:663 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:244 PS
Engine:B&W Alpha Diesel

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Last update: 30 Sep 2007

  • built in Emden (Germany) as a fishing boat for the North Sea in 1922
  • decommissioned in 1957, used as a bulk cargo boat until 1986 then, lenghtened by 8m.
  • reconstruction and repair began in 1986 in Turku (Finland) supported by the town
  • operated by the New Wind organisation (Finland) to regenerate the best human traditions: hospitality, shared voluntary work, caring, fun, adventure
  • runs as a sailing merchant vessel that transports goods from one country to another
  • spends the winter 1999-2000 in Rostock (Germany)
  • visited Rostock, GER during the G8 summit and the Hanse Sail 2007


Website (suomeksi/English, 30 Sep 2007):
Estelle: a sailing vessel in the worldwide fair trade, photos, history, info about her projects