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Schulschiff Deutschland, Volker Gries, Sail Bremerhaven 2000 , 09/2000

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Volker Gries,
Sail Bremerhaven 2000,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Schulschiff Deutschland
Registered port:Bremen Vegesack
Type of rigging:VOLLSCHIFF
Year built:1927
Yard:J.C. Tecklenborg, Bremerhaven/Geestemünde
Overall length:88.30 m
Length (hull):73.50 m
Breadth:11.96 m
Draught:5.00 m
Sail area:1900 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel

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Last update: 24 Mar 2001

  • built as a training ship without freight by order of the German Training-ship Association in Bremerhaven in 1927
  • oversea voyages to South America in 1927-28, summer trips in the Baltic Sea until 1939 and voyages to South America and South Africa in the winter the "Deutschland" and "Gorch Fock" training ships met each other on 4 May 1935 in Kattegat and the ship played the role of a British frigate in the UFA-movie "Caoutchouc" in June 1935
  • naval training during World War II in Elsfleth, Stettin, Lbeck, Kiel and trips in the Baltic Sea. Used at the end of the war as a hospital ship in Lübeck and until 1948 as a houseboat by the German mine hunting association she was then returned to the German Training-ship Association
  • used as a youth hostel in Bremen in 1948 and a school has been on board since 1952
  • moored in 1956 and then used by the navigation school in Bremen; she arrived at her current berth on 14 June 1996 on the occasion of a naval review now used as a maritime meeting point


Website (deutsch, 10 Mar 2006):
Schulschiff Deutschland: history of the fully-rigged ship and the other ships operated by the Deutscher Schulschiff-Verein, a lot of pictures, how, when and where she is open for visitors

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