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Then perhaps you can help. There are a lot of questions regarding to sailing ships not yet answered. We ask you for help clarifying the following questions.


The museum port of Flensburg/GER (ship-historical archives) asks for a ship with the name "Nordslesvig". A model of the ship is restored there this time. The model builder found the name of the ship written very small at the hull. The vessel was a fully-rigged ship and was built about 1900. She is similar to Danish fully-rigged ships like the "København" with about 880 or 1000 tons. We search for the technical specification, history and photos of the ship. Are there any book where the vessel is listed in?
Please e-mail your hints and advises to Mr. Gerhard Büker or to us.

Flying Cloud, ex Oiseau des Iles

In January 2001 Mr. Erik Abranson wrote us the following interesting aspects about this sailing vessel:
The "Oiseau des Iles" was built at the Dubigeon shipyard in France in 1925. The intended purpose of the ship should be hydrographic expeditions and scientific research in the South Seas. If so she may well have been owned by the French state and operated by the French navy being a "warship".
Later she could be a cargo carrying vessel doing inter-island trade, perhaps in the West Indies or French Polynesia.
Mr. Mike Burke (Windjammer Barefoot Cruises) says, that the ship was used to fight against submarines in World War II. She should have sunk two Japanese submarines. Mr. Erik Abranson doubt with this and he says as a born Frenchman and author of several books he would have found any hints about that in other sources during his researches if this would be true.
Later the "Oiseau des Iles" was sold to Latin America, we think to Mexico. She was converted to a motor vessel and used along the coasts under the name "Tuxtla".
In 1965 Mr. Mike Burke bought a ship in the area where the "Oiseau des Iles" was last reported as still trading as a motor vessel. He renamed that ship "Flying Cloud" and he says that she is the former "Oiseau des Iles". However her dimensions and other characteristics are in disagreement with French records for the "Oiseau des Iles". Other French experts aggree with him and doubt that the "Flying Cloud" managed by the Windjammer Barefood Cruises Company is the former "Oiseau des Iles".
Among others there are the following open questions:
  • Where can be find photographs of the "Oiseau des Iles" and who knows the ship in former times?
  • Is the technical specification given by the Dubigeon shipyard available anywhere? Especially interesting is the beam of the ship or frame spacing, because those things do not change if a ship is rebuilt.
  • Do you know other facts about the ship, for instance who was the owner in her period as a Mexican motor coaster, before she was purchased by Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.
Please e-mail your hints and advises to Erik Abranson or to us.

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