Some more mystery sailing ships?

Especially at great sailing events it is possible, that we take photos of ships, which we have never seen before, that are unknown for us or that cannot be identified when exploiting the photos. The following shots were taken by Ken Brack. Perhaps you can help us to identify them. Do you know the following sailing ships? Please write an e-mail to or to . We are thankful for any hint. By the way, you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. We don't have photos of higher resolution or in better quality so far. But you are the expert! This is a challenge! Can you put a name to these ships?

1 Sailing ship 1 Seen in New York harbor during the September, 2002 Mayor's Cup Classic Yacht Race.
Ken has identified her himself as "Klang II".
2 Sailing ship 2 Schooner yacht seen at Baltimore for the Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in October, 1994.
Ken has identified her himself as "Farewell".
3 Sailing ship 3 An American schooner yacht taken at the October, 1995 Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Baltimore.
4 Sailing ship 4 A Baltic ketch seen at Frenchman's Bay, Maine in July, 1999. She flew the German flag.
5 Sailing ship 5 A schooner yacht at the October, 2001 Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race off Annapolis, Maryland.
Philippe Vanthournout assumes she is the "Mistress" built 1930.
6 Sailing ship 6 A schooner yacht at the Great Schooner Race off Rockland, Maine in July, 1994.
7 Sailing ship 7 Taken at Boston in July, 2000. She is a very large and unusual motor schooner flying the Canadian flag.
There is a hint that she is the "Allison Lake", probably operating from Toronto, Canada. Thank you to Scott Sanford for the help.
8 Sailing ship 8 An American schooner yacht taken at Operation Sail in New York City.
9 Sailing ship 9 A schooner yacht seen at the Mayor's Cup Race in New York in September, 1990.
10 Sailing ship 10 A Baltic ketch seen in small shipyard in Jamestown, Rhode Island in October, 1995.
There are hint that she is the "Lene Marie", a ship no longer exists. Thank you to Thad Koza, Erik Abranson and Werner Jurkowski for their help.
11 Sailing ship 11 A schooner yacht at anchor off Rockport, Maine in July, 1994.

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