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W. Klitgaard, Volker Gries, Sail Bremerhaven 2015 , 08/2015

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Volker Gries,
Sail Bremerhaven 2015,

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Name:W. Klitgaard
Registered port:Frederikshavn
Type of rigging:KETSCH
Type of ship:Gaffelketsch
Year built:1891
Yard:Nikolaj Olsen, Frederikshavn/DK
Overall length:26.15 m
Length (hull):20.84 m
Breadth:5.30 m
Draught:2.60 m
Sail area:350 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:140 PS
Engine:B&W Alpha 402 V Diesel

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Last update: 13 Jul 2000

  • built in 1891, sailed from Frederikshavn/DK, registered as FN100
  • change of the owner in 1901, sailed for the company "S. Bjerregaard & Sønner"
  • 1902 sold to shipmaster G. Busck from Rødvig/DK, the owner teached navigation in winter and sailed the ship during the summer, sailing area was the North Sea
  • 1905 renamed in "Stevns", new homeport became Rødvig
  • 1909 change of the homeport to Esbjerg/DK, 1915 changed to Aarhus/DK registered as AS19
  • 1924 the ship came back to Frederikshavn, rebuilt and equipped with a larger engine, renamed to "W.Klitgaard", registered as FN11
  • 1925-42 she sailed out of Frederikshavn, well-known as very fast, transport of fish (alive) from Frederikshavn and Læsø most to Copenhagen and Oslo
  • 1956 re-rigged and converted to a trawler
  • she has been used as a trawler for the next 25 years, decommissioned and laid up in 1983
  • in 1983 the organisation "Den selvejende institution W. Klitgaard" took the ship to restore her
  • since 1988 when she was re-commissioned she sails as a vintage ship, owned by the "W.Klitgaard" association, operated by the guild "W. Klitgaard"
  • Mr. Waldemar Klitgaard (1822-88) was a merchant from Frederikshavn, his son, Mr. Harald Klitgaard, was the initator for buildung the ship

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Last tracked position of the ship W. Klitgaard


Website (dansk/English/deutsch, 20 Jan 2004):
The W. Klitgaard: about the ship and what she is used for, her history and technical specification, photos, contact addresses

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