Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Maria Asumpta"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Maria Asumpta
Ex-names:Pepita, Ciudad de Inca
Registered port:London
Type of rigging:BRIGG
Year built:1858/1982
Yard:Nicolas Pida, Badalona, SPAIN
Overall length:38.10 m
Length (hull):29.90 m
Breadth:7.60 m
Draught:3.10 m
Sail area:790 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:350 PS
Engine:Dorman 6Let Diesel

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 30 Jan 2014

  • built as brig or brigantine in Badalona, Spain for trading between Spain and Argentina.
  • transported wine, olive oil, grain and haberdashery, cane sugar, rum and tobacco until 1930.
  • renamed the "Pepita" and rerigged as a schooner in 1930, with installation of an auxiliary engine, sailed along the West European coasts and in the Mediterranean.
  • later dismasted and used only as a motor vessel, since 1953 named the "Ciudad de Inca", laid up in 1978.
  • sold to England in 1980 and overhauled in Barbate, Spain for 18 months (new rigging and planks), crossed to England in 1982.
  • trainee and charter ship used especially for making films.
  • 1984-88 based in Quebec, CAN and used on the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes.
  • 1988 renamed the "Maria Asumpta" again, sailing in European waters as private yacht and for sail training.
  • 1994 participation in the tall-ship gathering Armada Rouen, FRA.
  • 05/30/95 lost on the coast of Cornwall (Rump Point) because of technical problems with the engine and heavy drift, three people lost their lives.

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