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Falado von Rhodos, Lothar Lorenz, Laboe , 05/2008

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Lothar Lorenz,

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Name:Falado von Rhodos
Registered port:Schleswig
Type of rigging:BRIGANTINE
Year built:1968
Yard:Mastro Petros Xalkidos, Rhodos, Greece
Overall length:20.35 m
Length (hull):15.80 m
Breadth:4.80 m
Draught:1.86 m
Sail area:200 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:140 PS
Engine:4 Zyl. VETUS DTA 44 Deutz

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Last update: 19 Aug 2013

  • built on order of Dr. Hörhager after the design of Greek freighting sailing ships on the island of Rhodos, Greece in 1968.
  • named "Falado" after the dream land in a poem by Hans Leip.
  • first operated and used by German scout groups from Hamburg, Paderborn, Wiesbaden and Munich in the Mediterranean.
  • first crossing of the Atlantic under changing crew in Dezember 1971, route went via the Canaries to Barbados, Mexico, Miami, Bermudean Islands and then return through the North Atlatic to England, participated the race to the Olympic Games in Kiel.
  • 1972 after death of the owner the new founded "Brigantine Falado von Rhodos e.V." became the owner and operator.
  • 1973-77 sailing voyages with youth groups of the "Bündische Jugend" in the North and Baltic Seas to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, her baseport in this time was Emden/GER.
  • general overhaul, new planks, new engine, new interior and improvments of her sailing characteristics by transpositioning of masts.
  • in September 1977 she was unencumbered rammed by a Danish freighter, sank in the Øresund next to Copenhagen, raised after 14 days, provisionally repaired at the yard in Køge, transferred to Kiel in April 1979, repair in shorted time by the members of the operating owner.
  • 1979-83 homeported in Kiel.
  • 2nd crossing of the Atlantic under changing crew in summer 1983, route again went calling the Canaries and Barbados and Miami, returned over the Bermudean Islands and Azore to Portugal, spent summer 1984 in the Mediterranean, the winter in Triest, return to Kiel in autumn 1985.
  • 1985-88 "Falado von Rhodos" sailed in the North and Baltic Seas, several overhaul and prepare of a circumnavigation of the globe.
  • begin of a circumnavigation in late summer of 1988 calling Lisbon and the Canaries to the Caribbean, after a 4 month stay she continued her voyage in February 1989 passing the Panama chanel into the South Sea, to Tahitit, New Zealand, along the Australien Eastern shore into the Soutrh East Asian waters, she reached the African coast on the end of 1990, passed the Red Sea, spent the whole year 1991 in the Mediterranean, before she started her return to Kiel in the late summer.
  • start of a general overhaul in winter 1991/92 interrupted by sailing in the Baltic Sea in summer, in winter 1992/93 further overhaul of the hull and instalation of a new engine.
  • 1993-98 her sailing region should be the coast of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in the Baltic and North Seas.
  • in season 2002 voyage to the Mediterranean along the European coasts.
  • 2003 sailing trips at the Croatian and Albanian coast and to Greece and Turkey.
  • 2004 winter camp in the Adriatic Sea, 2005 voyage passing the Canaries over the Atlantic Ocean, 2006 return from Miami to Europe.
  • 2007, 2008 and 2009 sailing voyages in the Baltic Sea, Danish South up to Stockholm, SWE and the from Norway to the Skagerrak.
  • 2012 general peparation in a shipyard, then voyage from Europe to the Canaries, Martinique, Miami, New York, Canada, Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland.
  • sunk on August 09, 2013 about twelve miles off Garðskaga at the South-West coast of the Icelandic peninsula Reykjanesskagi; the crew was rescued.


Website (deutsch, 27 Dec 2006):
Falado von Rhodos: news, many photos, technical data, origins of the ship's name, her history, sailing schedules, contact

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