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Esprit, Thomas Lagies, Helgoland, Nordsee (1997) , k.A. / unknown

Source, location, date:
Thomas Lagies,
Helgoland, Nordsee (1997),
k.A. / unknown

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Bremen
Type of rigging:SCHONER
Type of ship:Schoneryacht
Year built:1995
Yard:Jugendkutterwerk Bremen e.V.
Overall length:19.92 m
Breadth:5.08 m
Draught:2.95 m
Sail area:180 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:213 PS

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Last update: 10 Jul 2007

  • built between 1991-95 by the Jugendkutterwerk Bremen e.V., the today's Bremer Bootsbau Vegesack GmbH, with funding provided by the Bremen employment exchange and the European Commmunity, with the help of this project longtime unemployed people were retrained as boat builders.
  • after being christened the "Esprit" by MEP Karin J”rns on October 14, 1995, the first trials began before she set sail on her maiden voyage in May, 1996 to Bristol, England, visiting the 1st International Festival of the Sea, in the following time she proved to be fast and safe.
  • participated the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race 1996 from Rostock to St. Petersburg, Turku and Copenhagen with an English youth crew aboard.
  • the greatest success for the vessel and the German STAG was being awarded the "Cutty Sark Trophy" at the 1997 Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race from Aberdeen to Trondheim, Stavanger and Göteborg, acknowledgement of its contribution towards promoting international understanding, the first German sailing ship ever to receive this honour, she was sailed by a mixed German and English youth crew.
  • participation in the CSTSR 1998 (Falmouth-Lisbon-Vigo-Dublin) and 1999. (St. Malo-Greenock-Lerwick-Aalborg), fastest ship of her class.
  • participation in the Tall Ships 2000 race crossing the Atlantic twice.
  • participation in the CSTSR 2001 (Antwerpen-Alesund-Bergen-Esbjerg).
  • since the beginning of 1999 operated by the BBV Sailing Schiffsbüro, BBV Sailing was founded in the beginning of 1999 and as branch office of the Bremer Bootsbau Vegesack GmbH they operate the ships built at this shipyard in the context of education of longtime unemployed with focus on youth and education voyages.
  • 2007 the BBV Sailing stops operating the ship, it is planned to operate her through the Jugendkutterwerk Bremen in future.


Website (deutsch, 08 Sep 2007):
Esprit: website about the ship and her operation as sail training ship of the German youth

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