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Peter von Danzig II, Ole Mühlfeld, Kieler Förde, Hindenburgufer , 05/1999

Source, location, date:
Ole Mühlfeld,
Kieler Förde, Hindenburgufer,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Peter von Danzig II
Registered port:Kiel
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Year built:1991-1992
Yard:Thyssen-Nordseewerke, Emden, GER
Overall length:16.99 m
Breadth:4.85 m
Draught:2.90 m
Sail area:240 m2
Ship's hull:Kunststoff / Plastics
Power:92 PS
Engine:Diesel 5R

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 23 Dec 2022

  • 1992 Maiden voyage was the Columbus Race.
  • 1995 voyage to Greenland (Tanja-Pokal oft the SKWB).
  • 1996/ 1997 participation in the Hongkong Challenge Race (circumnavigation of the globe) Schlimmbachpreis.
  • participation in the Tallship Race 2000.
  • 2001 Helgoland-Edinburgh-Regatta, Cowes-Week, Fastnet Race, voyage to Norway.
  • 2002/2003 voyage in the Northern Atlantic: Kiel, England, Portugal, Gran Canaria, took part in the ARC 2002, spent some month in the Caribbean, sailed from Puerto Rico to Newport, took part in the DCNAC (Newport - Hamburg).
  • 2003 voyage to Sweden (Stockholm).
  • 2004 Round-Skagen-Regatta, voyage at the Baltic Sea.
  • 2005 voyage to Norway (Bergen).
  • 2006 voyage to Sweden, Swedish coast.
  • 2007 voyage to Schottland, Ireland, France, England. Kiel-Inverness (passing the Caledonian Channel)-Dublin-Brest-La Rochelle-Guernsey-Cowes- London-Helgoland-Kiel.
  • 2008 summer trip to the Eastern Baltic Sea, visit of the Middelages festival in Visby at Gotland, visit of Stockholm and Mariehamn (Åland Islands).
  • 2009 Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009.
  • 2010 ASV-100 Baltic Sea-Challenge.
  • 2012/13 sailing trips in the Carribbean waters.


Website (deutsch, 23 Dec 2022):
Akademischer Segler-Verein in Kiel: portrait of the organisation, programme, their ships, contact address, intern info

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