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Excelsior, Sabine Schilling, Heinecken Classics , 2002

Source, location, date:
Sabine Schilling,
Heinecken Classics,

Excelsior, Volker Gries, Sail Brest / Cutty Sark 2002 , 07/2002

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Volker Gries,
Sail Brest / Cutty Sark 2002,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Lowestoft
Type of rigging:KETSCH
Type of ship:Lowestoft Trawler
Year built:1921
Yard:Lowestoft, UK
Overall length:31.10 m
Breadth:5.95 m
Draught:2.75 m
Sail area:135 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 25 Mar 2001

  • sailing trawler was built in Lowestoft in 1921 and fished the North Sea, until 1935
  • sold to Norway and spent the next 36 years as a motor coaster under the name "Svinør"
  • in 1972 brought back to England for restoration, on deck she is refitted exactly as she was built, below, the crew's cabin has been re-created and the fish hold adapted to provide accommodation for sailors,
  • intended to be used as an active, sea-going vessel offering traditional sailing experience to all and keeping alive the knowledge of how such craft were sailed and maintained
  • foundation of the Excelsior Trust to complete the work and operate her as a sail training ship in 1982, re-commissioned in 1989
  • her restoration earnt her the Scania Transport Trust Award in 1989, in 1999 she was listed by the British National Historic Ships Committee as one of the original 46 vessels "Deemed to be of pre-eminent national significance in terms of maritime heritage..."
  • usually sails the North Sea including Scandinavia, the Faeroes, and Ireland, trainees do not need previous sailing experience, although they are expected to join the experienced regular crew in working the ship
  • participation in the Cutty-Sark-Tall-Ships Races, i.e. 2002 from Brest to La Coruna, Santander and Portsmouth, where "Excelsior" and her crew was awarded a prize for "seamanship significantly to the aims of sail training during a race series", which is presented by the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.
  • since 2005 she has sailed under the flag of The Cirdan Sailing Trust with young people.


Website (English, 01 Mar 2008):
Excelsior Trust: information about the operator, their services and about the ship, a lot of photos, sailing schedule, contact address

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