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Prolific, Volker Gries, Hanse Sail Rostock 2017 , 08/2017

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Volker Gries,
Hanse Sail Rostock 2017,

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Registered port:Lowestoft
Type of rigging:KETSCH
Type of ship:Bermudaketsch
Year built:2005
Yard:Lysekil, SWE
Overall length:30.00 m
Length (hull):26.00 m
Breadth:6.00 m
Draught:3.20 m
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel

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Last update: 12 Mar 2022

  • launched in Lysekil, SWE as a successor to the original "Prolific", built in 1891 as a Grimsby sailing trawler and was used after a working life as fishing vessel by Estonian refugees to escape to the United States in 1948, family descendants of the original owners and crews of the first "Prolific" from Halleviksstrand and Orust/SWE and other interested people in the community formed the group Navigare Necesse Est (NNE) to raise funds to recreate a new ship for sail training to keep alive traditional seafaring skills on the west coast of Sweden in 2002.
  • maiden voyage in 2005 to Lowestoft/GBR.
  • sail training passages around northern Europe and as far south as the Azores for 5 years.
  • 2010 sold to Stavanger/NOR to work as a part of the Pobel Project, a Community Project for young adults needing support in education and employment, until 2014 she sailed widely including participation in Tall Ships races and a Russian National Geographic Expedition to Svalbard/NOR.
  • 2015 purchased by Ocean Youth Trust South as a replacement vessel for offering sailtraining for youth, registerred in Lowestoft/GBR.

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Website (English, 13 Mar 2022):
Prolific: introduction of the boat by the operator OYT South with measurements, photos and history, sailing offers, contact