Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Ruth"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Penzance
Type of rigging:GALEASSE
Year built:1914
Overall length:20.00 m
Breadth:5.80 m
Draught:2.36 m
Sail area:200 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:105 PS

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 25 Sep 2005

  • built in the Rää Shipyard, SWE in 1914, baptised "Ruth", by the owner Sven Petter Persson, after his wife, registered originally in Fortuna, SWE, as main cargo at this time she transported ceramic pots and stoneware for the famous Swedish company called Höganas.
  • first engine was fitted in 1922.
  • continued to carry cargoes and it is said to have travelled as far as France and Iceland in World War II.
  • sold to a company in Hamburgsund in 1941, again continued her work as a Baltic trading ship; by 1953 she was carrying all kinds of cargo offered to her and this often consisted of unwanted fish from the auction in Gothenburg.
  • laid idle until 1964, when she was rescued by the Bjork family and a restoration programme commenced in Fredriksunds shipyard in Denmark, re-registered as a private vessel and her new life as a sailing schooner began.
  • during a winter refit in 1984 the interior of "Ruth" was burnt.
  • changed owners in 1992 when she was bought by the brothers Anders and Jan Hird, used by the Hird family for charter and educational trips around the Swedish coast until October 2004.
  • changed owners in 2004, bought by First Rate Sail, a family-owned and operated company, with a wide range of experience in sailing, tourism, social services, sustainable development and team building, registered in Penzance, Cornwall, UK.


Website (English, 07 Jan 2011):
Ruth: website of the owner and operator First Rate Sail with history about the boat and information to charter, photos, videos, contact address

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