Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Anne Margrethe"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Anne Margrethe
Registered port:Kristiansund, Frei
Type of rigging:KETSCH
Type of ship:Hardanger Jakt
Year built:1880-1881
Yard:Lars Knudtsen, Skaale, Hardanger, NOR
Length:22.40 m
Breadth:8.80 m
Draught:2.75 m
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:180 PS

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 02 Jan 2012

  • built 1880-81 as Hardanger Jagd in Skaale/Hardanger, NOR by ship builder Lars Knudtsen on order of shipping company owner J. Chr. Juul from Kristiansund, NOR.
  • used to carry salted fish.
  • since 1936 owned by Jacob Grøneng, conversion to a freighter under engine of 150 hp.
  • 1942 confiscated by German occupying force, carriage of sand for the building of fortifications at the coast, after the WWII used as freighter further on.
  • changing owners between 1959 and 1979, in Sept. 1979 registered in Trondheim, NOR by P/R & Ryvarden Krogstad.
  • restoration as sailing ship and converted to a boat for leisure and charter trips, 1989 second maiden voyage operated by her owner Jon Einar Botten.


Website (norsk, 23 Oct 2011):
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