Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Adelaar"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Type of rigging:SCHONER
Year built:1902
Yard:Zaandam, NL
Length:30.00 m
Breadth:5.80 m
Draught:2.40 m
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:380 PS
Engine:Mercedes Marine Diesel

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 01 Nov 2007

  • built 1902 in Zaandam, NL, for owner Eefting; used as freighter between England, Sweden, Norway and Russia, no ship engine during this time.
  • during World War II captured by the Germans, installation of a diesel engine, removal of the masts, transport of goods for the war, named "Heimatland" during this time.
  • after the war used by the German captain Thymian in the Baltic Sea region as freighter.
  • 1979 found by new owners in a small fishermen village between Poland and Eastern German borderline, sold by captain Thymian.
  • 1979-1981 restore and rebuilt in Oranienburg next to Berlin, the owners escaped from the GDR to Western Berlin.
  • further rebuilt in Zaandam, NL, where the origins of the ship were researched, use of old photographs to reconstruct the rigging, fitted with interior for sailing with guests, modern nautical equippment.
  • planning and begin of a circumnavigation of the world, sailing voyages in the Mediterranean 1984-1987.
  • crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and sailing the Caribbean.
  • 1988 crossing of the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand, 1991 successful participation in the New Zealand Tall Ship Regatta winning a first price.
  • 1991-1992 reconditioning of the ship and equippment.
  • 1993 continuation of the circumnavigation on the route via Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.
  • since 1994 sailing trips with guests in indonesian waters based in Nusa Tenggara and Benoa Harbor, Bali in Indonesia, used as platform for scientific diving and adventure expeditions.


Website (English/deutsch, 07 Oct 2007):
Adelaar, diving and adventure sailing in Indonesia: information about the ship and possible voyages, photos, contact addresses