Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Santa Eulàlia"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Santa Eulàlia
Ex-names:Carmen Flores, Puerto de Palma, Cala San Vicenç, Sayremar Uno
Registered port:Barcelona
Type of rigging:3-MAST-SCHONER
Year built:1918/19
Yard:Astilleros Marí, Torrevieja (Alicante), SPA
Overall length:47.00 m
Length (hull):34.60 m
Breadth:8.50 m
Draught:4.05 m
Sail area:526 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:397 PS
Engine:Volvo Penta 367 CV

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 30 Dec 2005

  • constructed in 1918 and launched as the 3-masted schooner "Carmen Flores" in 1919; named for the daughter Carmen of the first owner Pascual Flores Benavente, (another ship was called the "Pascual Flores" after the second child of the owner) during a nearly 80 years active live she underwent various modifications and changes of name.
  • "Carmen Flores" 1919-1931, trading at the Mediterranean coast with wood, salt and grain,
  • two long trips to Cuba, first in 1921 to take salt from Alicante to Manzanillo and Santiago of Cuba, and return with grain to Barcelona. That trip was of great commercial success, since the obtained benefits covered the expenses of construction of the boat, the expenses of the trip, the wages of the crew, and some extra money even exceeded.
  • converted into a motor sailer in 1928.
  • "Puerto de Palma" 1931-1936; "Cala San Vicenç" 1936-1975.
  • "Sayremar Uno" 1975-1997 operated as auxiliary ship and platform for underwater work.
  • 1979 aquired through an auction by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, restoration and reconstruction work began in 1998.
  • renamed "Santa Eulàlia" in 2001 to honour of one of Barcelona’s patron saints.
  • based in Barcelona’s old port she is open for visitors, also used in educational programmes and as ambassador for the Maritime Museum and the city of Barcelona and the country Spain.


Website (català/castellano/english/français, 15 Aug 2005):
Santa Eulalia: website of the owner and operator, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona with information about the ship, her history, photos