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Dehel, Volker Gries, Brest/Douarnenez 2004 , 07/2004

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Brest/Douarnenez 2004,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Honfleur
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Type of ship:Lotsenkutter (Ouistreham)
Year built:1931
Yard:Lacheray, Honfleur, FRA
Overall length:18.00 m
Length (hull):12.37 m
Breadth:4.85 m
Draught:1.90 m
Sail area:160 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:110 PS
Engine:Volvo MD 70

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Last update: 07 Feb 2010

  • built 1931 by the shipyard Lacheray in Honfleur, the construction follows the lines of a former boat that was used as a pilot ship during its live time.
  • used in the fishery until World War II, so again after the war until about 1965.
  • 1965-79 owned by the family Gouédard, Deauville, FRA.
  • 1984 purchased by the AMERAMI (Association des Amis du Musée de la Mer) organisation, 1989-94 general overhaul in Honfleur, 1986 classified as historic valuable object of French culure.
  • since summer 1994 used as active veteran sailing ship, participation in the well-known French sailing ship festivals, i.e. in Brest/Douarnenez 2004.
  • restoration in Caen 2007-2009


Website (français/English, 07 Feb 2010):
Dehel: website of the operator with photo and basic information, contact address