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Henriette, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2003 , 05/2003

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2003,

Henriette, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2008 , 05/2008

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2008,

Henriette, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2010 , 05/2010

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2010,

Henriette, Volker Gries, Rum-Regatta 2011 , 06/2011

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Rum-Regatta 2011,

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Technical data of the sailing ship:

Ex-names:Björn af Brekkukjot
Registered port:Hamburg
Base port:Laboe
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Type of ship:Colin Archer, Gaffelkutter
Year built:1980
Yard:Peter Bieritz,Friederichskoog, GER
Overall length:11.60 m
Length (hull):8.87 m
Breadth:3.22 m
Draught:1.45 m
Sail area:55 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:23 PS
Engine:Volvo Penta MD 11c

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Last update: 03 Jul 2005

  • built 1980 at the Bieritz shipyard in Friederichskoog as a Skøyte, a Norwegean customs cutter, after plans by Colin Archer which he has drawn in 1901 for the customs house Kjeringsvik at the Sandefjord, NOR; sisterships are the "Maya" and the "Anna", first name of this third cutter was "Björn af Brekkukot".
  • 1990 sold to Klaus Lorenzen (Germany), renamed the "Henriette", longer trips to Norway and Scottland.
  • 2001 sold to Jens Böckmann and Simone Wust, private sailing trips in the Baltic Sea based in Laboe.