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Lendário, (Dario Renato), k.A. / unknown , k.A. / unknown

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(Dario Renato),
k.A. / unknown,
k.A. / unknown

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Bombinhas
Type of rigging:SCHONER
Type of ship:Gaffelschoner
Year built:1947
Yard:De Rooze Shipyard, Melle, BEL
Overall length:17.70 m
Length (hull):14.24 m
Breadth:5.50 m
Draught:2.20 m
Sail area:137 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:90 PS
Engine:Mercedes-Benz OM352

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Last update: 24 Mar 2003

  • built at De Rooze shipyard in Melle, Belgium, by order of the Dutch Gijsbert Bruinje, originally named the "Othilda" to honour the first owner's wife, launched in 1947, homeported in Gent.
  • the Bruinjes family emigrated to Brazil, landed in Paranaguá (PR) in May 1953, here the boat changed the name and owner and went through periods of glory and others of total neglect, laid up for more than 10 years, re-commissioned for sailing with passengers on the end of the 1990s, complete restoration under supervision of the Coast Guard and insurance inspections.
  • since 2000 operated by a nautical tourism company based in Bombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil, offers sailtraining and day or overnight charters.