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Johanna Lucretia, Volker Gries, Tall Ships Race 2012, Saint-Malo, FRA , 07/2012

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Volker Gries,
Tall Ships Race 2012, Saint-Malo, FRA,

Johanna Lucretia, Volker Gries, Hanse Sail Rostock 2013 , 08/2013

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Volker Gries,
Hanse Sail Rostock 2013,

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Name:Johanna Lucretia
Registered port:Plymouth
Year built:1945
Yard:Rhoos Yard, Ghent, BEL
Overall length:28.65 m
Length (hull):22.85 m
Breadth:5.50 m
Draught:2.45 m
Sail area:380 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:150 PS
Engine:Ford Genesis Diesel

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Last update: 02 Jun 2021

  • built as a fishing vessel in Ghent, Belgium in 1945 but never commisioned for fishing.
  • converted for recreational use in 1954, as the property of Ber van Meer she was used under Dutch flag in the charter business based in Enkhuizen, NL, under the name "Johanna Lucretia".
  • in 1978 used in the film 'Riddle of the Sands' when she took the part of the "Medusa".
  • sold to Mrs. Heather Henning, Plymouth, GB in 1989.
  • fully refitted in 1991-92 at the Tommy Neilson Yard at Gloucester.
  • until 2001, "Johanna Lucretia" was used for charter mainly from Gibraltar, in the Caribbean and Eastern coast of USA.
  • purchased by Cutlass Classic Charters Ltd. in 2001, usually she sailed the waters around the Western Isles of Scotland from June to September, spent the spring and autumn sailing the south coast, Channel Isles, Brittany and Ireland and the winter season sailing the waters off East Anglia.
  • abandoned by owners and left to rot in the Gloucester dock, seised by British Waterways.
  • long time charter by the Ocean Youth Trust East organization in 2003, who planned to purchase the ship to be used to educate people and provide sailing trips, the plan failed when she was sold by British Waterways to a private charter company.
  • 2008 because of unpaid bills arrested by British Waterways and sold to new owner, 2008/2009 general overhaul of the hull and rigging.
  • operated commercially as a charter boat for ten years, sailing mostly in European waters and cruising around the Cornish coast during the summer.
  • sold to The Island Trust in 2018.
  • used in the film "Amazing Grace" in October 2005 together with the tall-ships "Kaskelot", "Earl of Pembroke", "Phoenix", in addition used in the Irish Reality TV Show "Cabin Fever" after the sinking of "Carrie of Camaret".


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