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HMS Trincomalee, Tim Latham, Hartlepool , 10/2001

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Tim Latham,

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Name:HMS Trincomalee
Ex-names:HMS Foudroyant
Registered port:Hartlepool
Base port:Jackson Dock
Type of rigging:VOLLSCHIFF
Type of ship:Fregatte
Year built:1816-1817
Yard:Wadia Shipyards, Bombay, IND
Length (hull):45.70 m
Breadth:12.20 m
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood

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Last update: 25 Mar 2002

  • begin of her building at the Wadia Shipyards at Bombay in May 1816, due to oak shortages the vessel was built of teak, master shipbuilder Jamsetjee Bomanjee Wadia supervised the construction, lauched on October 12. 1817, temporary rigged and fitted with carronades she sailed to Portsmouth in England for final completion where she arrived in April 1819.
  • removal of masts and laid up in Portsmouth for 25 years, officially commissioned in active service in 1847.
  • served in North America and the West Indies until 1852, used for 4 years in the North Pacific during the Crimean war 1954-56
  • return to England and laid up in Chatham 1857-61
  • in January 1861 she became a training ship of Royal Navy Volunteers in Sunderland, 1862 transferred to West Hartlepool and 1877 to Southampton Water as a district drill ship.
  • in May 1897 sold to the company J. Read for breaking up, but another owner was found, Mr. Wheatley Cobb bought her as replacement for his lost ship, renamed her the TS "Foudroyant" and commissioned her as schoolship in the port of Falmouth, between 1903-27 she was used to train basic nautical skills for hundreds of trainees.
  • after the death of the owner in 1932 she was presented to the Society for Nautical Research and transferred to Portsmouth, in 1949 she served as the replacement of the training ship "HMS Implaceable" which was cermonially scuttled in the English channel after proving unsafe, she continued in her training role until 1986.
  • today "HMS Trincomalee" is berthed afloat at Hartlepool Historic Quay in North East England as a visitor attraction vessel, owned and administered by The HMS Trincomalee Trust which is a charitable company.
  • a major award-winning restoration of the ship starting with the transport of the ship from Portsmouth to Hartlepool in July 1987 was completed in the early summer of 2001, visitors can now savour the unique atmosphere and experience of life on board the classic British frigate.
  • since July 1992 the ship's official name is "HMS Trincomalee" again, after the owning company has changed its name in April from The Foudroyant Trust to The HMS Trincomalee Trust.
  • named Trincomalee to remember an action in 1782 between the Royal and French navies off the Ceylon port of the same name.


Website (English, 07 Jan 2002):
HMS Trincomalee: website of the classic British frigate with the four parts: a maritime attraction, historic Trincomalee, virtual Trincomalee and chartering the Trincomalee

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