Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Solway Lass"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Solway Lass
Ex-names:Stina, Adolf, Dumfries, Bent, Sundeved, Lawedua, Tui-Na-Savu Savu
Year built:1902
Yard:Bodewes Yard, Martenshoek, NL
Overall length:38.00 m
Length (hull):31.90 m
Breadth:5.88 m
Draught:2.35 m
Sail area:530 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:189 PS
Engine:6 Zyl. Caterpillar 3306

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 25 Mar 2002

  • originally named the "Stina" this steel ship was built ketch-rigged at the Bodewes Shipyard in Martenshoek, Holland in 1902.
  • used as a sail-powered cargo vessel in and around the Baltic and North Seas, supply ship for the island Helgoland.
  • sold and renamed the "Adolf" in 1905.
  • 1915 captured by the British as a war prize, reputedly used as a Q-ship in WW I, after the war as a coal merchant, produce and stone carrying vessel between Liverpool and Scottish ports.
  • 1924 sold to a Scottish company and shareholders in the Solway Firth, modified as an auxiliary schooner, fitted with a engine, renamed the "Dumfries" and later the "Solway Lass".
  • after some time laid up she was sold to Danish owners in 1938.
  • seized as a war prize by the German during WW II, used as supply ship for German armed forces, badly damaged when hitting a mine, refloated and repaired, used as a sail-powered icebreaker
  • 1948 still trading around the Danish islands under the name "Bent" and "Sundeved"
  • 1972 sold to Suva at the Fiji Islands, until the 1980's she was used in the South Pacific working in the inter-island trade, renamed the "Tui-Na-Savu Savu" (Lord of Savu Savu), converted to a topsail schooner.
  • after decommisioning purchased by the Australian businessman Tim Lloyd in Fiji in 1983, totally rebuilt to a charter boat for cruising with passengers at Sydney over a period of 2 years, renamed the "Solway Lass" again, used as a floating restaurant and for sailing with tourists on day-trips from Sydney Habour.
  • participated the 1st Fleet re-enactment in Sydney Harbour in 1988.
  • reconstruction and refitting of interior in 1999.
  • operated by the Southern Cross Sailing Adventures, she is still cruising with guest around the Whitsunday islands and Great Barrier Reef, guests are welcome to assist the crew hoist the sails and sail the ship, or otherwise just relax on the huge decks, luxurious accommodations for sailing guests.


Website (English, 05 Mar 2002):
Solway Lass: webpage of the ship at the Maritime History page Through Mighty Seas with brief history and technical specification

Website (English, 22 Feb 2003):
Solway Lass: website of the todays operator with information about the ship, brief history and technical stats, photos, interior decoration and deck plans

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