Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Toftevaag"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Rotterdam
Type of rigging:GALEASSE
Year built:1910
Yard:Lars Olai Sjo, Toftevaag, NOR
Overall length:23.00 m
Length (hull):18.00 m
Breadth:3.75 m
Draught:3.00 m
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:120 PS
Engine:Vetus Diesel C6

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 30 Sep 2001

  • built by Lars Olai Sjo in Toftevaag on the island of Halsnøy on the Hardanger fjord of Norway's west coast in 1910. Remarkable is that in this time there were no plans, carpenters built her from a model. She is made of Norwegian pine.
  • used as a sailing fishing boat for the catching of herring with small driftnets in the North Sea, mainly along the Norwegian coast, the Shetland Islands and Iceland, first owner was Mr. Johannes Silseth
  • since 1930 she was used in the Norwegian fjords to carry salesmen and their goods between the isolated islands, working area was from Stavanger to Trondheim, crew consisted of the captain Johannes G. Tofte and the cook Bjarne Tofte.
  • confiscated by the German in World War II, used as a ferry for pilots of the airfield on the island of Askøy, sailed around the North Cape in this time several times
  • after the war owned by J. Vintertun who repaired her in 1958, used as a fishing vessel under sail until 1964
  • 1964 became S. Egeland the new owner, installation of a new semi-diesel 60 hp Grenaa engine, used for fishing of shrimp and fish, baseport was Rekefjord in that time
  • 1979 bought by J. Ramberg, a professional rigger, during the following 6 years he gave her back her original rig respecting the 1910 sail plans and using the Norwegian art of rigging of the beginning of the 19th century, used for charter around the coasts of Norway, Denmark and the North Sea.
  • bought by Alnitak, Marine Environment Research and Education Centre, in March of 1989, sailed from Risør/NOR to Ockero/SWE, start of a general overhaul, replacement of the engine, repairs on the hull, deck and rig, building of new accomodations
  • Today "Toftevaag" works as a marine environmental research and conservation ship in the Mediterranean Sea.


Website (español/English, 05 Apr 2011):
The "Toftevaag": website of the ship and operator ALNITAK with en extensive description of the vessel, her specification, photos, history and equipment, information about the operator, contact address