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Robert C. Seamans, Thad Koza (, k.A. / unknown , k.A. / unknown

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Thad Koza (,
k.A. / unknown,
k.A. / unknown

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Name:Robert C. Seamans
Registered port:Woods Hole, MA
Type of rigging:BRIGANTINE
Year built:2001
Yard:J. M. Martinac, Tacoma, WA
Overall length:41.02 m
Length (hull):33.95 m
Breadth:7.77 m
Draught:3.75 m
Sail area:795 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel

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Last update: 30 Sep 2001

  • built at JM Martinac Shipbuilding in Tacoma, Washington, as a oceanographic research and sailing school vessel, design by Laurent Giles of Hampshire, England.
  • owned by the Sea Education Association (SEA), commissioned on June 23th, 2001 slated for SEA Semesters in the Pacific for the two years following her launch, planned cruise tracks include Hawaii, Costa Rica, Alaska, and Tahiti.
  • she is named the "Robert C. Seamans" to honour Dr. Robert C. Seamans, Jr., who played a significant role in every aspect of SEA's growth

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Last tracked position of the ship Robert C. Seamans


Website (English, 22 Dec 2022):
Sea Education Association: the owner of the ships SSV Corwith Cramer, SSV Westward and SSV Robert C. Seamans, their intensions, contact address, ship's specification, pictures

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