Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Pacific Swift"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Pacific Swift
Ex-names:Terje Viken, Lyngøy, Donning 2, Sansibar, Barmnes
Registered port:Amsterdam
Year built:1904
Yard:Ålesund Mek Verksted, Ålesund, NOR
Overall length:39.00 m
Length (hull):31.00 m
Breadth:5.20 m
Draught:2.90 m
Sail area:552 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:450 PS
Engine:Mitsubishi Diesel

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 26 Feb 2014

  • built at the Ålesund Mek Verksted/NOR as a fishing schooner for L. Madsen of Borgund and L. Westvig and G. Chr. Wilg of Ålesund, named for the legendary Norwegian hero "Terje Viken", she was a replacement vessel for a wooden ship with the same name that was lost with all hands in autumn of 1903.
  • fished until 1916, when the police official Lensmand E.Moldenes of Ulstein on the island of Hareid became sole owner.
  • 1918 lengthened by 3.6 m at the Rosenberg Mek Verksted in Stavanger
  • 1924 change of the ownership, E. Sorheim of Volda and his sons became the new owners.
  • 1926 another change of the owner, J. Pilskog, J. Liavaag, B.L. Pilskog, H.J. Overaa and P.O. Overaa from Hjorungavag became the new owners.
  • 1929 J. Pilskog takes the ship over as sole owner, while the vessel was in Hjorungavag she was known as "Havdur 111" but this name was never registered in the ships registry as such.
  • Ålesund Kreditbank puts the ship in liquidation under official administration and obtains the ownership of the vessel in 1932.
  • 1933 bought by the new company AS "Lyngoy" of Ulsteinvik, change of the name to "Lyngøy", used the vessel for herring fishing during winter and spring 1933-34, fished for several years for dogfish around Spitzbergen, later laid up and for sale.
  • 1938 sold to J.R. Vik, 1940 purchased by L. Tjervåg, she was renamed the "Donning 2", chartered for herring fisheries during WWII.
  • 1947 the old steam engine was replaced by a 80 hp Bolinder semi-diesel from 1920 at the Kleven Mek Verksted
  • 1948 the owner L. Tjervåg sold one half of the vessel to S. Strand from Fosnavag, change of the name to "Sansibar". 1949 S. Strand became the sole owner, replacement of the engine with a Hjelset semi-diesel of 120 hp, chartered for herring fishing again
  • 1952 sold to the brothers A. and T. Kongsvik from Tysnes, used for winter herring fishing along the coast and drifting nets near Iceland during summer, also some small shark fishing based in Maloy.
  • 1956 purchased by G.K. Kvalsvik and J.G. Kvalsvik from Herøy, change of the name to "Barmnes" after a point on the seaside of Nerlandsoyra, used for fishing, replacement of the engine with a "Normo" 3 cyl. semi-diesel of 210 hp in 1960
  • sold to F. Waagene from Kumle and T. Kjorvik from Atloy in 1975, next owner became E. Sellevag from Dalsoyra, in the same year, L. Myklebust from Bergen bought her in 1979, he owned her for 5 years and sold her to O. Stabben of Tommervag, Tustna.
  • 1985 purchased by C. Koeman, the ship underwent an extensive overhaul in Holland and conversion to a topsail schooner, renamed the "Pacific Swift", first sea trials in 1993 following private use and charter, main sailing area was the North Sea
  • 2001 sold again to Ron Hulzebosch, registered in Amsterdam, fitted with a complete new engine room and a new Mitsubishi diesel engine, teak deck and bowthruster, preparations for a 2 years journey from Holland through the Mediterranean, Suez Channel, the Red Sea, visiting the Maldives, calling for Capetown, crossing the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro and the Caribbean starting in July 2003.
  • maritime salvage caused by a failure of the engine off the shore of Cornwall in January 2010, towed into Newlyn by the RNLI

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