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James Craig, Werner Jurkowski, Sydney , 01/1988

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Werner Jurkowski,

James Craig, Naomi Durdin, River Derwent, Tasmania , 02/2005

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Naomi Durdin,
River Derwent, Tasmania,

James Craig, Donald Telfer, Sydney , 07/2007

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Donald Telfer,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:James Craig
Ex-names:Clan Macleod
Registered port:Sydney
Type of rigging:BARK
Year built:1874
Yard:Bartram, Haswell & Co., Sunderland, England
Overall length:70.00 m
Length (hull):54.70 m
Breadth:9.50 m
Draught:3.70 m
Sail area:1100 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:800 PS
Engine:2 * 400 PS MTU Diesel

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Last update: 22 Jan 2011

  • launched on 18. February, 1874 by Bartram Haswell & Co. Sunderland, England as sailing freighter for the shipping company of Thomas Dunlop, Scotland, under the name "Clan Macleod".
  • 1887 sold to the Fa. Russell & Co. Glasgow.
  • 1899 new owner from Auckland, New Zealand, 1905 renamed to "James Craig".
  • 1912 converted to a hulk, used as store by the British New Guinea Development company in New Guinea until 1918.
  • 1918 re-rigged and used under sail until the 1925 by Henry Jones & Company.
  • until 1932 used as a hulk without sails in Hobart, Tasmania, by the Catamaran Coal Mining Company to store coal, went aground and have laid there unused for more than 30 years.
  • 1972 towed to Hobart and some repairs, 1981 towed to Sydney, start if a restoration program re-rigged as a barque, finish of the project 2001.
  • used for day and weekend sailing trips with tourists based in Sydney, AUS.
  • 2003 awarded the World Ships Trust Medal for authentic restoration.

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Last tracked position of the ship James Craig


Website (English, 22 Jan 2011):
James Craig - Sydney Heritage Fleet: sailing program, historical articles, specification, voyage reports, news and events, sponsorship, photos, contact

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