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Thö-pa-ga, Werner Jurkowski, Sydney , 01/1988

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Werner Jurkowski,

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Ex-names:Tres Hermanos, Cala Tuent, Esperance 88, Esperance, Ono-Ciudad des Cadiz
Registered port:Las Palmas
Type of rigging:SCHONER
Year built:1924
Yard:Astilleros Navarro Hermanos, Aguilas, Spain
Overall length:42.00 m
Length (hull):33.00 m
Breadth:7.20 m
Draught:3.60 m
Sail area:850 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:300 PS
Engine:2 x 150 PS Baudouin

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Last update: 06 Feb 2011

  • built 1924 at the shipyard Navarro Hermanos in Aguilas, Spain as the schooner "Tres Hermanos", what mean "The three brothers".
  • between 1930-1960 she is the property of Naviera Mallorquina on Palma de Mallorca, renamed the "Cala Tuent" and fitted with the first engine in 1930, used as a sailing freigter for fruit between Palma, Soller, Alicante and Valencia to Marseille.
  • between 1960-1978 she transported building materials for the company Naviera Matutes of Ibiza, partly un-rigged down to a cargo boom only.
  • 1978 purchased by the todays Circum Navegaciones Hispania SL, this company buys, restores, manages, operates and sells ships, renamed the "Thö-pa-ga", re-rigged as a fore-and-aft schooner.
  • until 1984, the schooner had a regular line for general cargo between the French Caribbean Islands, with a special derogation every week from the French Maritime Authorities, for been the only freighter qualified locally to carry special freight.
  • took part in classic boat races, i.e. the Conde de Barcelona classic boat race in Palma de Mallorca 1987, was awarded as the best restored ship.
  • chartered by the Compagnie Nationale de Navigation, Paris, as the "Esperance 88" and under French flag she represented France as diplomatic ship during the Tall-Ship Parade in Sydney and all the main cities in the South of Australia and Tasmania in 1988.
  • in April and May 2000, she sailed with 21 trainees for a 40 days trip between Valencia, Genova, Cadiz, Valencia under the name of "Ono-Ciudad des Cadiz", participating the Tall Ships 2000 events in the different ports.
  • available for weddings, charter by by day and week, and diving charters.
  • name "Thö-pa-ga" is the child name of the well known tibetan monk Milarepa and means as much as "the one you listen with delight", after finishing the several charter voyages she was ever again renamed the "Thö-pa-ga".
  • lost in July 2008, sunk off the French coast on her voyage to the Brest 2008 festival, the crew was salvaged.
  • foundation of the association "Sauvez la goélette Thö-pa-ga" for raising the funds to rescue the ship.


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