Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Elfriede"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Oevelgönne/Hamburg
Type of rigging:KUTTER
Type of ship:Lühe-Ewer
Year built:1904
Yard:J. Jacobs, Moorege, GER
Overall length:17.80 m
Length (hull):14.75 m
Breadth:4.57 m
Draught:1.09 m
Sail area:72 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:60 PS
Engine:6 Zyl. Daimler Benz 312

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 24 Oct 2000

  • built as an iron ewer at the J. Jacob shipyard in Moorege in 1904, used to transport fruit
  • until 1951 she carried cargo in the area of the lower Elbe and the tributaries Lühe, Stör and Oste, she was commercially used until 1963, in this time there were several changes of the owner
  • 1920 fitted with the first engine, exchanged by a stronger one in 1924, 1926 reduction of her rigging, fitted with a deckhouse
  • on the ende of the 1930s removal of her rigging
  • a crane was installed at the ship, enlarge of her ballast
  • nothing is known about her between 1970-76
  • the hull was lenghtened in 1976 but plan to convert her to a yacht failed, the vessel was forgotten
  • 1984-90 restored by the Altonaer Museum from Hamburg, since 1998 she lies in the museum port Oevelgönne in Hamburg, maintainance by volunteers

Last tracked position of the ship:

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Last tracked position of the ship Elfriede


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