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Deodar, Volker Gries, Sail Flensburg 2000 / Cutty Sark 2000 , 08/2000

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Volker Gries,
Sail Flensburg 2000 / Cutty Sark 2000,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Stockholm
Type of rigging:KETSCH
Type of ship:Brixham Trawler, Gaffelketsch
Year built:1911
Yard:R. Jackman & Sons, Brixham, GBR
Overall length:33.00 m
Length (hull):24.00 m
Breadth:5.80 m
Draught:2.80 m
Sail area:260 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:185 PS
Engine:Volvo Penta Diesel TIMD 96B

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Last update: 01 Sep 2000

  • former fishing boat under sail, built in 1911 in Brixham, England, as a ketch rigged sailing trawler, registered under number BM313.
  • owners between 1911-1919 have been J. Hellings and E.J. Hellings from Milford Haven, at least one of the skippers has been Albert Tucker.
  • in June 1919 sold to Lowestoft and registered there as LT485 changed in the same year to LT543, J. Slater from Somerleyton and J.M. Barnard from Lowestoft have been the owners until 1937, sailed by a ne handful's different skippers.
  • in July 1937 sold to Sweden to J.H. Heimer from Grundsund and his related, registered in Sweden as the "Deodar".
  • about 1939 an restored engine from 1927 has been installed.
  • 1941 sold to K.A. Johansson and S.O. Johansson from Hamburgsund, 1942 converted to a trading vessel, change of the name to "Rigmor".
  • 1945 sold to S.G.A. Albinsson from Hönö.
  • 1946 sold back to K.A. Johansson and S.O. Johansson.
  • 1956 replacement of the engine by a restored 60 h.p. 1 cyl. Bolinder Munktell oil engine, between 1959-64 she was fitted with a 150 h.p. Detroit diesel engine.
  • 1958 has been her last season as a freighter
  • 1959 sold to K. Järdving from Gothenburg, from this time on the ship was used as a leisure yacht
  • 1960 sold to Carlea Försäljnings AB
  • 1961 purchased by the DEODAR AB, owned by L. Jacobsson, 1962 her name was changed to "Deodar" again.
  • 1964 sold to N. Nilsson from Malmö.
  • 1966 sold to H.A. Petersson from Landskrona, who used her for diving excursions.
  • 1968 partly damaged by a fire, she became the property of the Skandia insurance company, sold to Malmö Sjöscoutkår Sea Scouts of Limhamn
  • start of a restoring to convert the ship into a sail training vessel with her original rigging and deck layout.
  • 1972 sold to Th. Hellström, R. Sandin, B. Andersson from Malmö, she went under sail again in the same year, 1973 Andersson sold his part to the others and in 1979 Th. Hellström became the only owner.
  • ongoing overhaul and restoring of the ship in the following years, 1976 she was registered again in Stockholm.
  • 1978 change of the engine to a 185 h.p. Volvo Penta diesel.
  • 1983 drydocked for 6 months, renewal of the stern and some other parts of the hull, 1984 new set of sails.
  • 1986-87 drydocked again for further 7 months, renewal of the rest of the hull above the waterline.
  • today she is still resident in Stockholm.
  • participation in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race 2000.
  • the name "Deodar" incidentally means cedar.


Website (på svenska/English, 11 May 2005):
Deodar: website of the ship with photo gallery, data, history, contact information

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