Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Regina Maris"

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Name:Regina Maris
Registered port:Boston
Base port:Glen Cove
Type of rigging:BARKENTINE
Year built:1908
Yard:J. Ring Andersen Werft, Svendborg, DK
Overall length:42.50 m
Length (hull):35.00 m
Breadth:7.60 m
Draught:3.30 m
Sail area:550 m2
Ship's hull:Holz / Wood
Power:242 PS

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 09 Jan 2011

  • built as 3-masted schooner in 1908, christened as "Regina", the hull was built quite strong to serve in the ice of the North Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea.
  • used as a trading ship carrying lumber and general cargo for 24 years.
  • 1932 fitted with the first engine, used in the hering and mackerel fishery.
  • 1962 barely survived an engine room fire, used as a grain hulk in Ystadt, Sweden.
  • 1963 purchased by the Norwegian shipping magnates Siegfried and John Wilson, extensive refitting of the ship in Kristiansand, conversion to a barkentine and recommissioned as "Regina Maris".
  • first of several circumnavigations by retracing the voyages of Captain James Cook, 1970 participation in the Bicentennial Celebrations of Cook's landing in Australia.
  • 1971-76 carried passengers on cruises to the South Pacific, the Mexican coast, the Caribbean and Mediterranean.
  • 1976 purchased by the Ocean Research Education Society, rebuilt to a laboratory to study and protect whales.
  • participation in the sailing events in Boston and New York in 1976, 1978, 1984.
  • 1988 she sank at her berth in Boston Habour from a failed bilge pump.
  • 1991 scuttled to protect her from the hurrican Bob.
  • since October 1991 she is managed by the non-profit organization "Save the Regina Maris, Ltd" in cooperation with the National Maritime Historical Society, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the ship.
  • spent 8 years moored at Greenport, New York (near east end of Long Island), owners couldn't raise money to rebuild her and the town would not continue her berth without expensive insurance; they were going to tow her to sea to be sunk, the mayor of Glen Cove (north shore of Long Island nearer to the city) said he would save her for a local tourist attraction, therfore she was towed to Glen Cove on 25 August 1998, unfortunately she sank there, volunteers were doing some work on her, but major restoration was going to require a very large amount of money which was not available.
  • some artifacts of the ship were put on shore in Glen Cove, USA.


Website (English, 09 Jan 2011):
Regina Maris: weblog to remember the ship

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