Ship profile for the sailing ship: "Antonia"

Photos of the sailing ship:

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Antonia, Volker Gries, Brandarisrace 2014 , 10/2014

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Brandarisrace 2014,

Antonia, Volker Gries, Brandarisrace 2018 , 10/2018

Source, location, date:
Volker Gries,
Brandarisrace 2018,

Technical data of the sailing ship:

Registered port:Harlingen
Type of rigging:SCHONER
Type of ship:2-Mast Klipperaak
Length (hull):27.50 m
Breadth:5.20 m
Draught:1.20 m
Sail area:325 m2
Ship's hull:Stahl / Steel
Power:158 PS

Portrait of the sailing ship:

Last update: 31 Mar 2000

  • after her life as a sailing vessel she sunk because of a missing packing in 1988, salvaged and rebuilt for her use as a charter and hotel ship in 1991