Unrecognized sailing ships in Brest and Douarnenez 2004?

Especially at large sailing ship events it is possible, that we take photos of ships, which we have never seen before, that are unknown for us or that cannot be identified when exploiting the photos. The following shots were taken in France during the Brest and Douarnenez tall-ship festivals 2004. Perhaps you can help us to identify them. Do you know the following sailing ships? Please write an e-mail to . We are thankful for any hint. By the way, you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. We don't have photos of higher resolution or in better quality so far. But you are the expert! This is a challenge! Can you put a name to these ships?

1-masted ships  2-masted ships  3-masted ships

Brest/Douarnenez 2004-47 Brest/Douarnenez 2004-47
passage from Brest to Douarnenez
Philippe Vanthournout identified logger "Wanda"; owner is the Belgian Stefaan Zarzecki, built in India by Mysore Shipbuilding Comp. in Subas Nagan in Mangalore 1996; L.o.a.(extreme): 24m, L.o.deck: 14,50m, L.w.l.: 13,50m, beam: 4m; draught: 1.60m, sailing area: 5 sails with 132mē, registered in Quernsey
Brest/Douarnenez 2004-48 Brest/Douarnenez 2004-48
Sail Douarnenez, off habour entrance of Douarnenez
Matthias Berghahn recognized her as the "Yole de Napoleon". Thank you!

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