23rd Rum-Regatta Flensburg 2002

Gaff rigged sailing ships Fahrewohl and Lone Traditional sailing crafts Johanna Maria and Muller
Traditional skills aboard the Petrine
Tthe 23rd Rum-Regatta, the international race of professional sailing crafts and meeting of the friends of gaff rigged sailing ships took place earlier than normal this year. And what a lot of people thought it would not become possible: a change of generation in the organisation team became also truth. Jenny Kowalski took the race management and Friedeman Ohms volunteered to manage the awarding of prices. And what didn't change? There have been umpteen of sailing ships in the Flensburg Bay, hand-made music and show on land and the desired big bottles of rum for the second in each class.

Thank you to Gerd, Olaf, Lars and Rufus, Jenny and Thea, the crew of the "Weissenhaus", for support and friendship.
Weissenhaus Based in Königsburg/Schlei Mr. Olaf Kienke has managed his mobile service company for land and watercraft for some time. From small repairings to overhaul of the engine, if you need help just phone him!
F.-Voss-Ufer 10, 24159 Kiel, Tel.: 0171 - 70 42 94 1

By the way, do you know these sailing ships?

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